2020/2021 Events

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2020 / 2021 Events

UKISCRS have really enjoyed providing you with a 'different' type of education, via the first programme of webinars, which started on the 9th April.

We could not have run our UKISCRS webinar programme without support from our colleagues at Bausch+Lomb, Thea UK, Scope Eyecare and Beaver Visitec International and Daybreak Medical. Out trade friends have, as always, been hugely supportive. 

Our webinars now take a slightly different style and rotation - appearing, usually, in your diary on the first Thursday of each month. 


Thursday 3rd December 7 - 8.15pm

A festive webinar celebrating everything good about Eyes!
With honoured guests...

Professor Ivan R. Schwab & Professor Christopher Bentley
'The Top Ten Coolest Eyes on the Planet'

Followed by a take on a popular TV quiz: 
'Universally Challeneged'...
a competitive team game between council members!

This light hearted, fun, educaitonal 'Competition' keeps the conversational style you have become accustomed to with the UKISCRS webinar series.

Saturday 14th November 9-11AM

Please click the link below to see the video recording:

https://zoom.us/rec/share/8bavCd7wXzQe-J5ttY2dT5wJR6lPpGNLgXGV7H1bKrKTxC4VVujAl2wqriQKMI_V.yCtW_-DefKv7Pte- Passcode: J2wn?f9e

UKISCRS Webinar 'A Presidential Special' to mark the annual meeting. (Supported by BVI, Scope, Thea & Kestrel Ophthalmics).

Join Chairs: Professor Philip Bloom and Professor Sathish Srinivasan

"Big things can happen in small spaces" - Laura Crawley
“Premium IOLs: pearls and tips from my 10 year experience” - Rizwana Khan
"BIG Data and Cataract Surgery" - Paul Ursell
Plenary president's lecture: Professor Sathish Srinivasan
"My journey so far and our journey going forward"
Interactive discussion around the challenges of the next two years:  The Panel

Prof. Bloom will hand over the Presidency & Chain of Office to Prof. Sathish Srinivasan. 

Thursday 1st October 2020:
6-7pm (via Zoom): Missed it - watch it here by video link:
https://zoom.us/rec/share/603MiQV7_3TsuZ8t9hdncvavAghxE-0by95QDykpF6b1kKS_Jw2XCftsyt00MRi2.gWzPw4-dJMUVfVFMAccess Passcode: Eec+h96C

Mr Leon Au Chaired: "21st century phaco-glaucoma surgery"

Thursday 3rd September 2020:
6-7pm (via Zoom): Missed it? Watch it here: https://zoom.us/rec/share/NO4DWK58bPe12E7cowGOSy7rXjsAdwL-tkJujGKqDHb7_WSIQDjIC8tsmKyMYNU.vJjFS7xMN4f61yq- Passcode: jx^tW8+.

Ms. Bita Manzouri chaired: 
"Refractive Surgery: Where are we now?"

Thursday 16th July 2020
Mr Mayank Nanavaty chaired: Missed it? Watch it here 
"What would you do next" anterior segment case presentations

Thursday 30th July 2020:
Dr Laura Maubon (YOP Trainee Lead), Dr Kavita Aggarwal (YOP committee) & Mr Saj Khan (YOP Consultant Lead) chaired: 
"Using AI to Optimise Cataract Surgery"

First of the new series of UKISCRS Webinar: Thursday 2nd July
Want to watch it again? Click here 
Professor David Spalton chaired: "Problem solving in the new normal"

The Sixth UKISCRS Webinar: Thursday 18th June 2020: 6-7pm
Want to watch it again? Click here Password: 6w!p!R%1
A conversation with Mr Sanjay Mantry
"Switching to the 'new normal' Post-Covid:
The European perspective in Ophthalmology".

The Fifth UKISCRS Webinar: Thursday 4th June 2020: 6-7pm
Want to watch this webinar? Click Here Password: 8h?^fg$%
Topic: The Fifth UKISCRS CPD webinar
A conversation with Mr David Lockington:
Perspectives with training and restarting Ophthalmology work

The Fourth UKISCRS Webinar was a further success. 
Missed it - Watch it here Password 3I$+j3v%
A conversation with Professor Sathish Srinivasan:
'Post COVID planning: Role of TeleOphthalmology / TeleMedicine'

The Third UKISCRS Webinar was a great success. 
Missed it? Watch it here (Password 9y&l2Z81)
Thursday 7th May 2020: 6-7pm (via Zoom)
Four conversations with Mr. Paul Rosen:  
Finances in the NHS and Independent Practice in the new COVID era – what it means for you…

The second UKISCRS was a great success. 
Missed it? Watch it here (Password: 5v#Yy0=3)
Thursday 23rd April 2020: 6-7pm (via Zoom)

Remote consulting and its challenges Chaired by Mr. Richard Packard & Prof. Philip Bloom

The FIRST UKISCRS Webinar was a great success.
Missed it? Watch it here
Thursday 9th April 2020: 6-7pm (via Zoom)
Prof. David Spalton hosted the webinar: In Conversation with...
'The Front Line of Ophthalmology'


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