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UKISCRS XXXIX Annual Meeting 2016

The workshop for this year is a 'Cataract Pathway'.

UKISOP Cataract Pathway Skills Workshop: Thursday 20th October 2016

Workshop station:
Tear film assessment
B scan
Slit lamp assessment
Cataract station 
Yag laser
Visual acuity assessment - COMPlog

Friday 21st October 2016

Didactic Lectures:
Advanced history taking - Anthony Afanu, Oxford
Tear film assessment - Scope Ophthalmics
OCT Angiography - Grant Duncan, Haag-Streit
B scan - Marie Restori, Moorfields

New technologies and opportunities - Ted Goodwin, Daybreak
Key Note Speaker: IOL formulary & selection - Mr Sathish Srinivasan, Ayr
Anaesthetic blocks / sedation - Jon Warwick, Oxford 
Post op & emergency management - Roz Painter
The Hill Radial Basis Function RBF - Steve Thomson, Haag-Streit
Nurse/Orthoptic Led Yag Laser - Lorraine North, Frimley Park


£50 refundable deposit secures your place at the meeting. A regsitration and payment is required to book your space. Only 30 available - Book now.

Committee 2014/15

Past President

UKISOP President

Sathish Srinivasan,
Consultant Ophthalmologist,
University Hospital
Lorraine North,
Consultant Orthoptist,
Frimley Park,
  Rebecca Turner,
Matron for Specialist Surgery,
Rosalyn Painter
Ophthalmic Imager,

The faculty is drawn from representatives of each of the stakeholder professions allied to ophthalmology. These include Orthoptists, Optometrists,
Ophthalmic nurses, Ophthalmic technicians and Ophthalmic imagers. Representation will also be present from an Ophthalmologist on the board of
UKISCRS. The faculty are currently looking for an imager, orthoptist, optometrist and nurse to join the committee. If you are interested, please contact Gill Wood:

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