2016 events

The XXXX Anniversary of UKISCRS - Annual Meeting

Venue: The Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London Click here to view a map of this event's location

Ticket Prices: Thank you for attending

Email: gillwood@ukiscrs.org.uk

Telephone: 01942605680

Website: www.ukiscrs.org.uk

The Programme
Day 1 - Thursday 20th October 2016                                             
Young Ophthalmologist Session chaired by Sid Goel, Zaid Shalchi & Nick Maycock

Managing corneal astigmatism in cataract surgery
Assessment of patients in planning for astigmatism
correction in cataract surgery

Damian Lake

Intraoperative Limbal/Corneal incision

Mayank Nanavaty

Toric Lenses   

Matthew Edwards

 Top up treatment (laser and non laser)                                             

Milind Pande

Free Paper Cataract Subspeciality                                                    

Selected Abstracts

Plenary Symposium - Visual Rehabilitation in the Aphakic eye
Angle Supported Anterior Chamber IOLs

Brian Little & Larry

Iris Sutured & Iris Claw Lenses

Paul Rosen

In-the-bag IOLs with posterior capsule tear

Brian Little

Scleral Tunneled 3-piece IOLs

Gábor Scharioth

Sulcus supported IOLs

David Spalton

Laser refractive session   

'AcuFocus presbyopia correcting IOL

David Teenan
& Mayank Nanavaty
Gerd Auffarth 

Comparison of different multifocal intraocular lenses

Milind Pande

Implantable contact lenses: indication, surgery and managing complications

Amir Parasta

Good, bad and beautiful SMILE cases

Johnny Moore

Laser refractive surgery: what to do when it goes wrong

Bruce Allan

Laser and/or Lens Exchange in Presbyopes

James Ball

Free Papers Refractive Subspecialty                                                

Selected Abstracts

Lifetime Achievement Award – ‘A Personal Canal Journey’   Mr. Clive Peckar

40 years of UKISCRS - A very special Anniversary Session           
An interactive panel session bringing together historic figures
from the founding days of UKISCRS to the visionaries of today

Chaired by:
Little & 
Milind Pande

The Ethos of UKISCRS in 1976 - Panel Discussion

*How did UKISCRS come about and why was the need felt?
*Peer Oppostiion
*The first UKIS meeting
*1980: Citreon Familale Story 


Hung Cheng
Piers Percival
Joseph Coleiro
Emanuel Rosen
Patrick Condon

Where was it going? The changes in the 90's!

*CCC & Phaco comes of Age
*IOLs Foldables
*Biometry: IOL Master
*Presbyopia IOLs
*Femto Cataract

Patrick Condon
David Spalton
Sathish Srinivasan
David O'Brart
Sheraz Daya

Day 2 - Friday 21st October 2016

The Video session  
Submitted videos via abstract selection plus expert panel videos      
Philip Bloom &    
Samer Hamada

Free Papers Glaucoma and Amblyopia                                                    

Selected Abstracts

The Cataract session

Extended depth of focus IOLs

Charles Claoué        
& Philip Bloom

Gerd Auffarth

New Presbyopia IOLs

Rudy Nuijts

Is emmetropia the optical outcome standard for NHS cataract surgery in 2016?

Alex Day

Clinical and economic aspects of toric IOL implantation

Paul Rosen

Free Papers Cataract Subspeciality                                                       

Selected Abstracts

The Rayner Medal Lecture 2016
'Improving Intraocular Lens Power Calculations'                                                    

Dr. Warren Hill,   MD.





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